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Behind The Bait - Bassdope Lures

Bassdope Lures was founded by Scott Sinclair, an avid angler who targets largemouth and smallmouth in the lakes, ponds, and rivers around the Chicagoland area in northern Illinois. This north-central part of the country presents bank, wading, and boat anglers with very different fishing challenges. Muck, silt, slime, algae, weeds, rocks, and river snags are just some of what inspired the designs of Bassdope lures.
Bassdope Lures strives to improve upon standard lure designs to attempt to reduce snags, achieve greater lure longevity and present Bass with unique bait profiles, actions and colors. By doing this we keep Bassdope anglers in the hunt while others tinker.
Bassdope Lures Flipping Jigs
Bassdope skirts are all hand-tied with Veevus thread, lure eyes are adhered with a two-part epoxy and finished with a clear top coat, non-lead bait keepers are glued and tied and lure colors are powder coated and double baked. Our lures simply last longer under tough conditions!
Bassdope Lures Spinnerbait
Bassdope Lures are each handmade in Illinois and they are perfectly imperfect. Each lure is one of a kind with quality components and craftsmanship. Give bass something they'll get addicted to and sling some Bassdope!
Bassdope Lures Swimjig
Visit Bassdope online today!
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🏬 I use Owner hooks on all my Carolina and Texas rig setups. These Owner Wacky Rig hooks look no less epic. Find more bass fishing gear over at Sportsman's Outfitters.

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