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Behind The Bait - Loaded For Bass

Loaded For Bass owner Jim Marco is very excited to share his range of fishing lures and products with Louisiana Bass Nation Anglers subscribers. So excited that Jim has been most gracious with a coupon for readers.

Use code LBN10 to get a 10% discount.
Loaded For Bass
Located in New England where most fishing is from April to Oct, Loaded For Bass can provide quality bass fishing lures and products to southern anglers who often enjoy a lengthier season for largemouths.

From jig trailers to a new class of Spinnerbaits, Loaded For Bass has bass anglers covered.
Loaded For Bass Jigs
Loaded For Bass jig trailers are a great and very affordable Uncle Josh Pork alternative. All the benefits of pork but without the hassles. And, they don't dry out.

The bass fishing sport has mainly two categories; Power Fishing (flipping/pitching/frogging) where bait casting set-ups are the tool of choice, with heavy line, fishing thick cover and throwing big swim baits, walking baits, and such.
Loaded For Bass
The other category is Finesse Fishing with spinning gear (drop shotting/ned rigging, etc...)

The Loaded For Bass Crazy Gauge Spinnerbait line has combined the two and really started a "Power-Finesse" category.

Coming in at 1/4 ounce they can be used with both spinning and baitcasting set-ups.
Loaded For Bass
Having caught everything from panfish to 5-pound smallmouth, 6-pound largemouth, and 10-pound northern pike, this spinnerbait is quite versatile and adaptable.

The Loaded For Bass Crazy Gauge Spinnerbait offers new anglers to the sport (most who start with spinning gear) a real spinnerbait that works with light lines and is easily fished.
Loaded For Bass
Use code LBN10 to get a 10% discount when you visit Loaded For Bass online today!
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