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Behind The Bait - Missing Linc Baits

With our passion for bass fishing, flipping jigs has always been an important technique to us. As any avid bass fisherman knows, jigs get the big bites and usually get the bigger bass. Regardless of the time of year, there is nothing quite like catching a big bass on a jig.
Missing Linc Baits
Unable to find that perfect jig head with the perfect skirt color combination to catch our local bass, we started to create our own jigs. We experimented with different jig heads, matched with different amounts and colors of skirt strands, until we found the right combination that would consistently catch bass.
Missing Linc Baits
There are thousands of different jig colors available in any tackle shop nowadays. The thing is, however; it seemed many of the jig colors on the market were made for catching more fishermen than fish. At Missing Linc Baits, we are focused on creating the most natural and lifelike colors possible.
These colors have been tested on our local lakes and have produced incredible results. Along with making our jigs ultra-lifelike, we also made our jigs very affordable for the average fisherman. Most jigs on the market are overpriced for the quality you get, but with our jigs we can guarantee that you will receive a high quality jig with a lower price tag.
We proudly offer six different colors for both flipping jigs and football jigs, available in 3/8 and 1/2 oz sizes. Additionally, we provide three unique color options for our popular swim jig, which can be found in 1/4 and 3/8 oz sizes.
From flipping laydowns to dragging offshore structures, we have a jig for you! Visit Missing Linc Baits online today!
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