Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves Review

I’ve never really been much of a glove fisherman. I see a lot of pros and other bass fishing anglers wearing them.

While I can see the benefits of protecting the tops and sides of your hands from sunburn, I imagined they would prohibit sensitivity and hand movement.

However, after wearing a pair of Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves daily on a 9-day fishing trip vacation on Lake Fork in Texas, my viewpoint has changed.

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Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves – Sensitivity

My first doubts were would I be able to feel the tap-tap-tap on my fishing line while wearing the Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves?

Yes, I was able to.

No problem.

The half finger of these gloves makes it easy to place the uncovered portion of your finger on your fishing line while still offering plenty of SPF protection to the remainder of your hands.

Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves – Hand Movement

I also wondered if the Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves would prohibit hand movement.

Holding the reel or during the retrieve was not really my concern.

The Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves do take some getting used to when tying your favorite fishing knots but if you spend some time wearing them, you should be able to manage them with no problem.

In the end, I had little to no problems changing or re-tying hooks and lures.

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Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves – Comfort

Here is where things change from the not-so-positive.

During the first part of the week, the weather was fabulous – mostly reaching just the mid 80’s (which is very nice for Texas in September).

However, the last few days of our trip, the temps reached into the 90s and like everything else I was wearing, the Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves got hot.

But, that is not solely targeted at the gloves so all is fair.

And, I didn’t take them off any due to the heat so it wasn’t so bad

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I highly recommend the Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Gloves if you need a lightweight pair of fishing gloves to protect your hands from the elements if spending large amounts of time on the deck casting away, trying to snag that lunker…

(Featured Image by Joe from Pixabay)

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