Fishing Photography – Learning Anew

Since I absolutely need another hobby/pastime/project like I need a hole in the head, I’ve recently picked up my old(er) Canon Powershot SX170 IS camera to try and actually learn how to use it.

I ultimately want to take better (fishing) pictures with it by using the various settings correctly.

Since one of my goals is to write content for bass fishing-related media outlets, I know deep down that I had better be able to submit a good picture (or 2) along with even better writing.

While I’m working consistently on the writing, I know my photo-taking and photo-editing skills need some fine-tuning (to say the least).

Here are a couple of pictures (mostly of my brother’s boat, gear, and electronics) that I took with my Canon Powershot and (lightly) edited in Darktable (a free alternative to Adobe Lightroom).

I heavily edited the blues, greens, and grays in Darktable for this photo.

As I said, my skills need a lot of work so I’m only shooting stills at this time before I try and move on to action-type shots (e.g., setting the hook, bass fighting/shaking, landing fish, etc).

Plus, I’ll have to set my own rod down and have the camera in hand more often if I want to capture those action shots.

All easier said than done!

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