Tweaker Bladed Jig


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The Tweaker goes where other bladed jigs and chatterbaits can’t. Built on the Speedball Swim Jig chassis and outfitted with a Queen Tackle blade, this bladed jig features a Mustad heavywire hook, hand tied skirt, weedguard and aerodynamic head that helps this jig cut through grass and wood. In field tests The Tweaker out performs the Jackhammer and snags WAY less. This bladed jig requires a standard medium/heavy powered jig rod and a full hookset.

Hook Size:

5/16oz 3/0
3/8oz 4/0
 1/2oz 5/0


Recommended Rod/Line

Casting: 7’1″ Medium Heavy/Fast with 30lb Braid to 17lb Fluoro Leader

Use discount code at checkout: J2112O

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5/16 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz


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