A Step-by-Step Guide To Lew’s Baitcaster Reel Pawl Replacement

I hope you enjoy the step-by-step guide below for Lew’s model LS1HMG baitcaster reel pawl replacement. 

I learned so much during this process and wanted to document it for others (and my future self).

Image by Pavlo from Pixabay 

Remove the reel handle nut cover plate:

Take off the (brass) threaded nut that holds the reel handle on. A small crescent wrench can be used but preferably the dedicated tool that came with the reel:

Remove the reel handle and set aside:

Remove the star drag knob:

Be mindful of the sleeve and 4 washers underneath the star drag. Set them all aside too (washers in correct order):

On the reel handle side, loosen Phillips-head screws (#1, #2, and #3) and flat-head screw (#4) for the rod:

And on the brake side, remove Phillips-head screw #1:

Set the handle-side cover plate aside (with the rod pin of the flat-head screw):

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To remove the brake-side cover plate, you need to pivot the front portion upward with your thumb:

Before you remove the brake-side cover plate and spool assembly, make sure and get the spring on the spool rod from the handle side of the reel:

Pull the brake-side cover plate and spool away from the reel body and set them aside:

On the handle side, remove Phillips-head screw #1 that holds on the cover guard over the pawl and worm gear:

Repeat on the brake side. This is why the brake-side cover plate had to come off so we can get to this screw:

Once both screws are removed, set the front cover aside:

Now that the cover plate is no longer in the way, we can get to the worm gear pawl.

Remove the flat-head screw cover:

Don’t miss this tiny paper-like washer underneath the flat-head screw cover:

Finally, we are getting somewhere! This is what we came for!

At this point, to get the pawl out, it’s going to take some persuasion.

Turn the reel upside down and tap with your hand or screwdriver handle until either the pawl falls out or is exposed enough for you to grab it.

And here is the old, damaged pawl from this reel. Notice the 2 teeth are worn which is what causes the pawl to hang up on one side of the worm gear and not travel left-to-right, evenly applying line to the spool:

Put a new pawl in the slot. Make sure the teeth line up with the grooves on the worm gear in order for the line feed to travel back and forth smoothly:

Reassemble in reverse order and go fishing! 🎣🎣🎣

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