To peg or not to peg? That is the question…

Texas rigs are a staple in bass fishing and are one of my favorite ways to fish soft plastics. The classic worm can be Texas-rigged, in addition to other baits. From tubes and creature baits to lizards, Texas rigs catch fish.


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For as long as I can remember, I never thought to peg the weight on my Texas rig set-up. Then about 3 years ago, I started pegging my Texas rig. Mainly when fishing Brush Hogs around tops, laydowns, and other covers.

Then I noticed that all my Texas rig fishing was with a pegged weight. Be it grass, lily pads, or logs, my weight was pegged.

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However, I recently went back to non-pegged on my Texas rigs. You tend to get a different action, especially when the weight falls over a limb, but the hook and plastic dangle on the other side for a split second.

I realize this can cause hang-ups and snags too so there is a downside for both presentations. 

I asked this same question on Reddit about what other Bass Anglers preferred and surprisingly, got several good-quality responses. (Check them out here

The results mostly fit into these categories:

  • Pegged Texas rigs when fishing thick vegetation.
  • Non-pegged when fishing thick brush and lay-downs
  • Pegged when flipping or punching heavy cover

So the question for you is, pegged or non-pegged Texas rigs?

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